23 thoughts on “2016 Event Schedule

  1. We were at the parade this past year and I had my 2 day old son in my ring sling and a photographer for the paper took a picture of us-I’d love a copy. Any idea who to contact to get one?

  2. Barrie advertises the Potato festival but not the Fiddle contest. Why are you not reaching out to them to put it on tv. Speaking from experience, the fiddle contest in shelburne is older and in my thoughts well worth advertising more. Perhaps next year you could contact Barrie station to put it out there on thursdays announcements.

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  5. Hi,
    I’m a mobile BBQ vendor would it be possible to sell some BBQ’d food and corn along the parade route or is there a food vending spot that we could sell to event goers at a certain area that they would be all frequenting? Also which day(s) would be best?
    Please let me know,

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  7. do both, I am. My daughter’s cadet band will perform at both, so as a proud momma I must do both. hope this helps.

  8. It’s too bad this always seems to fall on the same weekend as the Highland Games in Fergus. We love both!

  9. Interested in finding out when the application forms for the craft vending market would be available. We have been a vendor for the past 12 years and are looking forward to another year. Please let us know when we may register, or email the information to this address.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Thank you very much.

    Paddy and Stan Bateman , Accents

  10. Hello Rusty,

    If you post a comment with the website address of your fiddle contest, I will add it to our links page. I will also add you to our email list so that you receive information about next year’s event.

  11. I would like to receive information about fiddling advents. I am a fiddler and organized the first fiddle contest and fiddle show in Whitehorse, Yukon which I have won many times or placed 2nd or 3rd. I am now 84 years old and have other people looking after this. I will collect their names & addresses and would like to pass on any information that you send me.

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