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  1. Hello Roger,

    That would pre-date our contest, which started in 1951, but I understand that there were several other contests in this area prior to 1951 with various levels of “officialness”. If you wish, you can contact the Archives staff at the Dufferin County Museum & Archives (www.dufferinmuseum.com; 1-877-941-7787) and they can assist you in doing further research.

  2. My grandfather won the Shelburn Fiddle Contest once or twice before. I was just wondering what the year was. His name was “Alcide Robitaille” from Thunderbeach Ontario.

  3. Hello Christine,

    If your father won in the 1920s or 1930s it must have been a predecessor to the current contest which started in 1951. Although we do not have complete lists of the winners of all the classes, we do have the winners of the Championship Class (which will be posted shortly) and your father’s name is not on that list. The Wrigglesworth Plaza (at Hwy 89/10 and County Road 124) has recently been redeveloped, but is still there.

  4. Hi there. Yes, it would be nice to see the winners from “way back”. I was told that my father, Bert Wrigglesworth, won the very first Shelburne fiddle contest, but that would have been as early as the 1920’s or early 30s. He became a popular big-band bass player, and I remember seeing articles from the Shelburne newspapers about him whenever he visited his family there, describing what my mother was wearing, etc. I’d be interested to know what year that was. His family owned the old gas station at the corner of 89 (and? where a donut shop and plaza now stands, I believe, and was once named Wrigglesworth Plaza).Thanks!

  5. Hi – I came across an ad for a Wilf Carter show that was held in Geraldton, Ontario. The ad was dated May 26, 1955. Included as part of the tour was Canada’s Champion old tyme fiddler – Ward Allen – winner of the Shelburne Cup over 87 other contestants. I assume they’re referring to your contest? I’m sure you could find the other winners for the pre-1975 period by going through back issues of the local newspapers. It takes a bit of effort – but that way you could complete your list – or get a good start on its completion. Cheers. Ken Johnson

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